July 11, 2021
Four Roman soldiers and a centurion carried out the death sentence of Jesus Christ. It was their job to serve as coroners, too, confirming the actual, physical death, so that burial could be arranged. Their method for this, like everything else about crucifixion, was brutal and cruel.
If you go to Jerusalem today, you can visit a spot that has been excavated to reveal some old stones that form steps to a courtyard. It is believed this is the spot where the high priest presided over the first trial of Christ, the religious trial.
God is sovereign, but one of the means of grace He uses to bring people to Christ, and keep people in Christ, is prayer. Great things happen when godly people pray. Just imagine how great it would be if God prayed for you Himself.


May 2, 2021
When the world gets into the church there will be trouble. When the church goes into the world there will be trouble. Forty-five times the New Testament calls this theological conflict “tribulation,” including three occasions when it is referred to as “great tribulation.”