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About Lake Hamilton Baptist Church


We are “Reformed,” which means we hold fast to the Five Pillars of The Great Reformation: Scripture alone is our final authority for faith and practice. Salvation is by Grace alone through Faith alone in Christ alone. And, the worship and works of our church are offered for the Glory of God alone.  Our Elders also believe strongly in the doctrines of grace, that mankind is totally depraved, God’s election of some to salvation is unconditional, the benefits of Christ’s atonement are limited to believers, God’s grace which effectually calls people to salvation is irresistible, and true Christians will persevere in the faith until the end of their lives.

We are “Baptist,” in that we are loosely affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention for the purpose of supporting world missions. We seek to maintain a regenerate church membership and discipline our  members who stray beyond a reasonable adherence to Holy Scripture. 

We prefer immersion in water of a confessing believer as the proper mode of baptism, but do respectfully accept the baptism of new members who come to us from other Christian traditions.  

We are “Church,” we gather for worship each Sunday and adhere to the regulative principles of prayer, singing, the public reading of Scriptures, the preaching of the gospel, the regular observances of baptism (when a candidate is available) and the Lord’s Supper (every Lord’s Day, with unleavened bread and wine), and the giving of offerings. Then, our members disperse all over Hot Springs and the surrounding area seeking to glorify God and do good for others in family life, various vocations, and retirement.  We are a diverse congregation with a united purpose to put the Lord Jesus Christ first in all things. 


New Member Orientation

If you are interested in membership in LHBC or would like to learn more about the gospel, the Bible, and the church, please click the link below to email Pastor Chuck and sign up for our New Member Orientation.



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